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Many U.S. Brands Duty Free

Duty Free Marlboro, Winston, Newport, Rothman, and many other U.S. Brands

American Premium Tobacco

American Made Premium Cigarettes Made From Premium Amercian Tobacco

Private Labeling for Less Than $.50 a Pack

American Tobacco made cigarettes delivered for less than $.50 a pack!

WorldWide Shipping

Most orders include Free Shipping to almost any deep water port worldwide.

Premium Features Available

Premium features like Brand Matching, Private Labeling available!

American Made Premium Cigarette Exporting, Offering Marlboro, Winston, Newport, Rothmans, and other U.S. Brands!

Welcome to American Cigarette Export Co.

We offer most Premium US Brand cigarettes (made in Switzerland) prices are all CIF.

We export Premium Generic American Made cigarettes worldwide for less than $.50 a pack, which includes free shipping!

We can provide you with Custom Blending, Brand Matching Technology, Private Labeling, Sweet Tipping, and other premium services, to contact us please call +1.716.366.8767 and we will be happy to assist you, and Thank You for your interest in our products.
*(Please note that the terms and conditions are different from our U.S. Brand name offerings. Which you can check out here.)

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